Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday 3rd October...

Our last day of fun...

Thursday 2nd October

Group A today descended on the river to have their day canoeing.  The day consisted of a lot of mayhem and numerous challenges but we all made it through to the end. In our groups of 6 we headed off down the river to meet our first challenge which we successfully completed. Just as we were heading to lunch disaster struck, one group became stranded, so out they all jumped and pushed the boat off the rocks. As the day progressed Aliyah became the skimming stone champion, Keiran attempted to walk around the boats but ended up in the water and Seyon fell head first in and managed to lose his welly. The day finished with a swim in the rapids before enjoying another well deserved hot chocolate.  

Group B rocked the discotheque cavewise today. Quickly identified as a group that could cope with the harder challenges that the caverns of Porth yr Ogof had to offer, we went through the infamous letterbox BACKWARDS, took a plunge in the washing machine, wriggled through the polo and breathed in deeply to get ourselves through the wormhole. We were fascinated by some of the rock formations and learned a little about underground river systems. 

2 became 1 as group C and E joined for a trip to the waterfalls. Bear Grylls Lawrence stepped up to the mark to provide a three course lunch for Miss Taylor for the forest. We walked under the many waterfalls and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings of the country side. Many miles were covered but all had a fabulous day. 

Group D were really up for their adventure day yesterday – not one moan all day! We braved the dark tunnel, singing ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ to keep the spirits up. Then came the zipwire which everyone zoomed down (some more gracefully than others, Charlie!). Finally a scramble up the river to try and complete the bum shuffle ledge challenge (congratulations, Callum G). A great day of splashing about and everyone, including Miss Roberts, finished the day soaking wet! 

Group F  today were mountain walking which consisted of learning about the plants they could eat, how to survive in the outdoors and how the local animals were used for food and wool. We also discussed why there were mountains in Wales and how they were formed. By the end of the day, without noticing, we had walked to 2400feet and back.